Selected Projects

Evaluation of Data Center Airflow and Cooling Effectiveness

There are various sizes of data centers nowadays, from the small one with only several computer racks to the big one with more than one hundred racks. As most of the computer’s electrical power consumption ..read more

Molecular engineering of DNA-binding domains to recognise and modify cancer genomes

DNA-binding domains (DBDs) are highly specific proteins capable of recognizing specific gene sequences.

The SOX2 protein is a transcription factor, which is also a DBD, is found to be involved ..read more

Quantifying the influence of alcohol structure on ions absorption at air/water interface by molecular simulations

This project investigates the different behaviour of two isomeric alcohols, 1-butanol and isobutanol at an air/water interface.

Alcohols can absorb and modify interfacial properties due to amphiphilic ..read more


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